Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.

— Steve Jobs
Doug W. -- Father of a SUR ResidentStart Up Recovery - Shifting Addiction to Passion

After the first 30 days of resisting most everything, my son began to drop his stuff and ask for real emotional help.

Now entering his third month, my son is thriving. START UP is about the connection my son has with the team. He was lucky enough to develop several mentor relationships. So today, START UP RECOVERY is the only transitional living that I would personally recommend.


Doug W. -- Father of a SUR Resident

Ryan O.Start Up Recovery - Shifting Addiction to Passion

Hey Jeff I just want to say thank you for everything you’ve done for me.

I received my dream job offer today from the company I’ve been interning for and you Gregg and Start Up have been the building block for all of this to happen thank you for everything!


Ryan O.

M.R.Start Up Recovery - Shifting Addiction to Passion

To the whole START UP team thank you!

My experience with you folks was transformative to say the least I learned so much about myself and how to approach my recovery self-care family and career. Especially during these very trying times each and everyone of you stepped up for me and my family. We are all very grateful.



Tracy B.Start Up Recovery - Shifting Addiction to Passion

I fell in love with my husband 22 years ago but this version is even better.

I am amazed at what he has accomplished. This would not have been possible without him going to Start Up Recovery. I am eternally thankful for the leadership and amazing resources he was able to access during his stay. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Gregg, Jeff and everyone on the team.


Tracy B.

Edward W. -- Grateful FatherStart Up Recovery - Shifting Addiction to Passion

After a 90 day stay at Start Up my son is unrecognizable.

They are literally about fostering transformation and I’ve witnessed it first hand! He has developed clarity, confidence, passion and several mentor relationships that will serve him for the rest of his life life. This has been a truly remarkable experience for our family.


Edward W. -- Grateful Father

L.D.Start Up Recovery - Shifting Addiction to Passion

I was reflecting back on my stay with you guys and wanted to express my sincere gratitude.

Thank you for being open and allowing me to come to your program. It changed my life. I’ll forever be thankful for all the experience in the kindness and understanding I felt God bless you guys.



Melanie B. -- Starbucks BaristaStart Up Recovery - Shifting Addiction to Passion

I recently graduated from Honors obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Arizona State University.

After gaining a few months of sobriety, I reluctantly decided to drop out of college because I simply could not cut through the mental fog to perform academically. I entered the workforce and quickly learned how I could climb the lower side of the corporate customer service sector. I thought this type of work would be my fullest possible potential after all the damage I did to my brain from drinking and using.

When I was given the opportunity through Starbucks to finish my bachelor’s degree, I was skeptical I doubted my capabilities but I was willing to say “yes”. I showed up and took the coursework one assignment at a time, sometimes even dragging essays out of myself one word at a time. I was able to apply the principles I relied on to live a sober lifestyle to the challenge of furthering my education. I recently graduated with Honors obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Sociology from Arizona State University via their online program.

Anything is possible when I put faith in my Higher Power and take the next indicated action.


Melanie B. -- Starbucks Barista

Ryan C. -- Singer / SongwriterStart Up Recovery - Shifting Addiction to Passion

I am extremely fortunate to have a figure like Gregg with me on my journey through recovery. I now consider him a lifelong friend and mentor.

Gregg helped me find direction at a time when I most needed it. I was in a place where I was ridden with spiritual bankruptcy and had no vision for my future. Gregg helped to take my passion and my gifts and create an attainable vision.

Gregg uses personal experience and resource like no one else I’ve come across. He’s been in our shoes and he makes sure we know that. He’s relatable and relevant. He understands the millennial culture and knows how to get across to us.

I always made it a point to make it to Gregg’s group because I knew were going to get done, problems were going to get solved, lives were going to change.

I am extremely fortunate to have a figure like Gregg with me on my journey through recovery. I now consider him a lifelong friend and mentor.


Ryan C. -- Singer / Songwriter

Brooke C. -- Digital ExecutiveStart Up Recovery - Shifting Addiction to Passion

I desperately wanted to branch into the cutting-edge and exciting world of entertainment/media...

But with zero experience in any other field beyond law. I had no feasible way of getting my foot in the door, until I came to Champion Media. Gregg really took me under his wing and groomed me for a career in digital media marketing.


Brooke C. -- Digital Executive

Daniel W. -- ActorStart Up Recovery - Shifting Addiction to Passion

Throughout the 5 months that I had the opportunity to work with Gregg, I learned and grew exponentially.

I was able to take a deeper look at myself, I became willing to not only realize, but also to accept the flaws that I had which held me back from achieving my goals. Gregg helped me to steer my focus back towards my passion and away from the behaviors that initially led me off course. He helped me tap into and harness the potential and motivation that I could not find on my own.

Before working with Gregg, I felt as if I had no control, it seemed as if everything I attempted would fall to pieces which would lead to me giving up.

Today, I am no longer sitting idly on the sidelines waiting for my dreams to come to me, I am taking action and throughout my experience was able to begin my journey to achieving the life that I’ve always wanted.


Daniel W. -- Actor

Lila P. -- Yoga & Meditation TeacherStart Up Recovery - Shifting Addiction to Passion

After several years of sobriety and a couple heavy losses, I found myself at a crossroads.

Take the “safe route” and pursue a 9-5 job that would provide a sense of financial security but may dampen my spirit, or take a risk on myself and go for my dreams. I made a decision to hire Gregg to help me sort it out. He helped me get clear on the vision for my life, the strengths I could focus on, and action steps for pursuing that vision. I am forever grateful for his sage wisdom and practical approach to creating the life I have always dreamed of living.

As him name might suggest, Gregg was made for this particular gig. He has proven over and over that he is behind me, being a champion for me and my dreams. If you are contemplating taking the road less traveled, hire him. I cannot recommend him and his services enough.


Lila P. -- Yoga & Meditation Teacher

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