The Apartment Community

The Apartment Community

A one-of-a-kind recovery community for those ready to transition into an autonomous lifestyle.

A one-of-a-kind recovery community for those ready to transition into an autonomous lifestyle, the START UP Apartments provide an independent living experience for clients who want to take their recovery to the next level. As a part of our acclaimed continuum of care model, clients in our sober apartments will be immersed in a meaningful, supportive environment where they can readjust to independent living and achieve new heights of personal and professional growth. By putting their recovery skills into practice and learning how to navigate a sober life, clients in our apartment community will feel empowered to reach their goals and rebuild healthy, fulfilling relationships with themselves for a profound independent living experience unlike any other.

Anything but typical...

The START UP Apartments are a cut above the rest. Located in sunny Santa Monica, California, our private sober apartments are fully furnished and complete with modern amenities. Clients enjoy an exclusive, upscale experience while part of anindependent living recovery community, with an emphasis on revitalizing mind, body and spirit. While here, clients have the chance to readjust to daily life and further their recovery in profound ways, with complete access to THE RECOVERY PLAYBOOK® online curriculum and world-class sober and professional mentors. By becoming a part of the START UP RECOVERY community and our continuum of care model, clients are able to implement their new recovery skills in a safe, recovery-oriented setting and shift their addiction into passion, able to rewrite their future and live the life they’ve always envisioned.

Property amenities of the START UP Apartments include:

  • Fully furnished with modern amenities
  • Bright, spacious living spaces
  • Safe and secure controlled access
  • Updated, energy-efficient appliances
  • High-speed internet
  • Housekeeping
  • Gym membership
  • Renovated courtyard with community BBQ
  • Assigned parking
  • Utilities included
  • Soberlink

Recovery and Wellness Amenities within The START UP Apartments community include:

  • Recovery coordinator and on-site proctor
  • 12-step meetings
  • World-class mentor program
  • THE RECOVERY PLAYBOOK® online curriculum
  • Volunteer and service opportunities
  • Community events
  • Alumni Network
  • Randomized drug screening
  • Daily check-ins and family updates
  • Utilities included

A thriving community in Santa Monica, California

In Southern California, Santa Monica is home to dazzling beaches and a vibrant recovery community. With an abundance of natural beauty, urban amenities and a diverse population, Santa Monica combines a relaxed vibe with the elegance of the SoCal area to make it an ideal choice for our sober apartment community. While living here, there is no shortage of things to do or places to explore, from shopping and dining to nearby parks and beaches. This provides the perfect setting for clients to rediscover their passions and establish a strong foundation for lasting recovery.

Are you ready to level up your recovery?

Then Tthe START UP Apartments independent living community may be right for you. Our goal is to help clients reinvent their lives in new and exciting ways, and our services are tailored to professionals, artists, entrepreneurs and millennials who are ready for a significant change. If you’re committed, open and want to become part of a leading recovery brand that is as dedicated as you are, we can help you find purpose and growth as you embark on the next phase of your recovery journey.

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