Micko Ortiz

Micko has over 12 years of restaurant experience working with amazing industry standouts such as Chef Roy Choi. Under Chef Choi Micko served as General Manager and Sous Chef for Chego! and Kogi BBQ, the latter of which was named one of Travel and Leisure’s Best Restaurants in LA 2014.

Micko continued on to noteworthy positions, serving as Executive Chef at The Hart and the Hunter under Chef Kris Tominaga, Head Chef at Umami Burger under Chef Ted Hopkins, and as Private Chef at 1Method Treatment Center where he served 20 clients daily. Micko is a LA native and has a passion for cooking Californian Cuisine using seasonal, local, and sustainable ingredients.

Micko has also helped publish the book “The Right Fit Formula,” which teaches healthy living life styles and healthy delicious recipes based on personality types. Micko started his company MickoEats in 2017.

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