When Is the Right Time to Switch Careers?
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When Is the Right Time to Switch Careers?

When Is the Right Time to Switch Careers?

As you complete the acute parts of treatment and recovery, you may find yourself looking ahead to your immediate future. Many people take this chance to make major changes in other areas of life. One of the biggest opportunities you have right now is the chance to renew your career. Whether or not you’re comfortable with your current employment, take the time to evaluate whether your job and your sobriety complement one another. Even if they do, you may be ready to make a change.

How Do I Combine Recovery and Career Change?

Since you’re already overhauling the way you live, it’s worth seeing your recovery as a chance to “rip off the band-aid,” so to speak, and start fresh in multiple areas of your life at once. The healthy habits you’ve developed and the new relationships you’ve built can make approaching a new job much easier than you’d expect. Sobriety will imbue you with new energy and your treatment should have helped you develop mental fortitude and personal determination. You can use these to your advantage to pursue goals you didn’t think you could achieve in the past.

On the other hand, recovery is a stressful, demanding process that can last for years. If you get the feeling that you’re already dealing with an intense amount of changes, don’t pressure yourself. It can be helpful to ask people who know you for honest input about your current career path. If they think it’s bringing you down or holding you back, whether in your recovery or in your personal potential, listen to the feedback you get.

Should I Really Be Following My Passions?

It’s a common question: Should you make a career out of the things that excite you? This writer thinks so. Yes, it can be scary and uncertain to dive into a completely new career, and a great many things which excite people are not always as profitable or sustainable as safer options. At the end of the day, though, the potential rewards are at least as great as the risks.

If you know something out there will make you happy and fulfilled, you’ve already done the hardest part--figuring it out. All you’ve got to do now is get after it. You only have one life, after all. If there is one thing you learn from your recovery, let it be that you are worth the effort. You did yourself a disservice by spending your energy and attention on destructive habits and it affected your life. Learn from that. Spend your energy and attention on the things which nourish your mind and heart, and see how it can affect your life in the positive.

Isn’t It Risky to Change Careers?

While the prospect of starting over in a new field may seem intimidating, remember that most people change careers numerous times. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported last year that the average person holds more than 12 jobs between the ages of 18 and 52. With people remaining in the workforce longer and virtual employment picking up steam, you’ll have many chances to explore different careers over the course of your life.

Nothing is permanent. If you try something new and it doesn’t work out, you can go back to your old career or keep moving on. Opening yourself up to new experiences can lead to unexpected results. The only thing that won’t lead to new results is doing the same things you’ve been doing.

How Can I Know for Sure?

Remember, you don’t have to make this decision alone. Reach out to your trusted friends and family for input on your career decision. Your sponsor may be a particularly good source of advice here, as will anyone you know from 12-Step programs or other groups you’ve attended who may have undergone a similar transition. You can always benefit from hearing out the people who know you and care about your station in life. They may be able to see your choices differently than you do, and can give you valuable feedback and encouragement.

Your treatment professionals can also make a sizable impact as you navigate the sea of careers. While most facility staff focus on your personal wellness, some recovery locations can provide specific career guidance. START UP RECOVERY offers a dedicated Sober Mentorship Program, in which you can be paired with a mentor in your field who’ll guide you through the combined process of personal healing and constructive professional planning. Connecting with a career planner who understands the importance of your sobriety is a major boon to anyone in recovery.

Although recovery begins with detox, it doesn’t end when you walk out of treatment. As you overhaul your life, make sure to pay attention to your career path. This may be the time to explore something new. At START UP RECOVERY, we know that healing means taking a good, hard look at your life. Our Sober Mentorship Program pairs you with an experienced veteran in your industry. The two of you will connect on a highly individualized one-on-one basis to plan your approach to renewing your career. Whether you want to rejuvenate your current trajectory or are interested in exploring other professional options, working with the guidance of someone who’s already walked the path ahead of you can make an invaluable difference in building your future. START UP RECOVERY provides a state-of-the-art sober living center in Southern California for people who are ready to press the reset button on life, beat addiction, and redirect their energies towards their truest passions. Call (310) 773-3809 to learn more.

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