Understanding Your Success Is the First Step Toward Achieving It
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Understanding Your Success Is the First Step Toward Achieving It

Understanding Your Success Is the First Step Toward Achieving It

Ask anybody the definition of success, and you will get many different answers. For some, it is working their dream job. For others, it involves family and friends, and for some others, it is being sober. Success looks different for everyone; however, it is something we all desire. So, whether it is a personal or professional goal, defining what success means to you helps you refine your approach and work toward taking specific steps to get there. With a clear plan, motivation, and persistence, you too can achieve the success you're seeking.


Start by asking the tough questions first, what does success look like to you? Just because you might know someone who feels successful in their life doesn't mean you should strive to achieve the same things. Pursuing passions that drive others but not you can lead you down a path of seeking something that truly doesn’t mean much to you.

You can begin defining your success by looking at how you enjoy spending your time. Visualize what a successful life looks like to you. Do you see a family, have a flexible schedule, or are you leading your own company? Take time to write out these thoughts. After you have written down your thoughts, look for any consistencies. For example, if you consistently see family or learning music after reviewing what you have written, you might find success in those pursuits. When you understand what you are striving for, it is easier to prioritize and eliminate other things that don't fit your success path.


Setting goals is essential in maintaining and moving forward in any pursuit you have in life. You have most likely learned by now that goals can aid your recovery and are motivating. Begin by breaking down your vision of success into reasonable goals. Understand that the result of a beautiful painting relies on each brushstroke.

Just remember that success manifests from the practice. Therefore, when you know what you want to go after, focus on the steps you need to get there and set goals around these steps. For example, if you want your workday to be more flexible, you might strive to work from home. Now your goals can include searching for job opportunities that allow you to work from home and set a goal to apply to at least three of these jobs per week.


Ultimately, your life is your story, and to get the best out of life, you should work on getting the best out of yourself. Working on yourself, including how you emotionally and physically address challenges or celebrations, is the best way to gain insight and momentum to improve your outlook. Incorporating a more positive outlook is always more conducive to success than a negative outlook.

You can support good self-esteem and optimism by doing things you want to be doing as much as possible. Such examples might include playing music, connecting with friends, or cooking. You could even start a side job to help hold you accountable when pursuing hobbies of interest.

You will also want to focus on self-improvement. Mindfulness, meditation, or yoga promote creative thinking and a sense of self-understanding. They also create a sense of achievement and happiness. When you explore yourself internally, meaning the connection you have with yourself and your place in the world, it helps you discover more profound truths about yourself. These truths can help to establish further what success means to you in your journey.

Take time out of each day, even if for only five minutes, to think about how and why you feel certain ways. You might also take time to allow your mind to wander and see where it takes you.


Energy and enthusiasm are often best when shared with others. However, sometimes when you become caught up in focusing on your success and goals, you neglect the social world. Social isolation can soon create sadness, frustration, negative self-talk, and depression. However, staying in contact with others is a healthy way to get outside your head and process how you feel through healthy conversations with friends, family, and peers.

Interaction is an integral part of health and life and might be another key toward success. Socializing is also a part of networking that can lead to job opportunities, business ventures, relationships, etc. Always make time for the friends, family, and peers you love and trust.


The most successful people in life never tire of learning and exploring new growth opportunities. Maybe you can start expanding by reading a book each week or learning an instrument. The idea here is to try something new or open yourself up to something regularly. You might consider going back to school or finding opportunities to learn within your community. Such a practice can provoke inspiration because you never know what might strike a chord. Even if what you explore doesn't always encourage inspiration, it will help boost your perspective on your way to success.

Defining what success means to you plays a big part in connecting and discovering profound truths about yourself. Since recovery is a lifelong journey, what you find that makes you successful should last a lifetime, too. However, it can be challenging to commit to ideas that center around your success; perhaps you don't yet have a clear idea of what success means to you. If you feel lost or confused getting into that frame of mind, reach out for help today. At START UP RECOVERY, we offer a safe and inspiring space that consists of other individuals that aim to motivate you to discover your truths. We will help you enact the transformation needed to find out what success looks like to you and work to make it happen. START UP RECOVERY is the best place to rebuild your personal and professional life because we believe that everybody can accomplish their most tremendous success. Find out more by calling us at 310-773-3809.

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