How Spring Offers Opportunity for Self-Growth and Change
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How Spring Offers Opportunity for Self-Growth and Change

How Spring Offers Opportunity for Self-Growth and Change

Most people have a positive association with the spring. In some places, springtime means melting snow, warmer air, and new growth. The new beginnings of spring not only help to reshape the landscape but can also contribute to reshaping your mind. Spring can become a gratifying season in that you might see positive efforts made surrounding the cleansing work of the fall and the winter's storage and preservation. Seasons correspond in ways that mirror your internal environment. Spring can be a great time of renewal to help you gain insight into things like making new moves, setting new goals, or seeing through your goals.

Outward Growth

Springtime is about new growth, which means that the movement of spring is outward. Fresh sprouts are poking up out of the dirt, and buds are blossoming on trees and bushes. All new growth is reaching out toward the sun. If you think this is an obvious use of metaphor for self-renewal, it's not entirely; it is also how nature organically responds to the spring season.

Such energy marks a new beginning, and perhaps our bodies are not so unlike when it comes to being in tune with this renewal. Embracing this outward push into new possibilities can be experienced by engaging in outdoor activities, finding new hobbies, and being more social, all of which are essential to expanding and sustaining a successful recovery.

While it might sound absurd, spring can also be the most suitable time to carrying out your New Year's resolutions. That’s right; spring could lend the perfect opportunity for embarking on your New Year’s goals — you are likely more open and motivated to learning and trying new experiences.

Stages of Development

Seeing growth happen everywhere, even in the sidewalk cracks, can create subconscious inspiration and generate more optimism. Enjoying this change can help you think about the areas within your life that could use some new growth. Since this energy is universal, you are likely to encounter friends, family, and peers just as motivated and eager to embark on a new venture. It can also be the best time to create leaps in your professional life.

Creativity is abundant and should require exploration, and spring can remind you that people were born to create from a biological perspective. Pursuing creativity helps to revitalize you on a deep mental and emotional level. Using this opportunity and the energy of spring to write, play music, paint or meditate can be grounds for creating some of the most surprising, profound, and inspired ideas you have had in a while. Creative pursuits can provide an excellent atmosphere for healthy interaction with others.  

Energy from the Daylight

Getting enough daylight is essential for maintaining balance and keeping a consistent schedule. Longer days with more sunlight help you create more dopamine in your brain. A healthy dose of dopamine helps kick start your energy levels and, therefore, your motivation and ambition. Unlike the dark days of winter, when there are long days of light, subconsciously, it can create the idea of feeling like you have more time to create, and therefore you are more comfortable move at your pace throughout the day.

While you should always try to attain the most amount of natural daylight in your day, spring offers you more time to do so. Try planning your meals or break time to get near a window or go outside; this way, you can ensure you’re fulfilling your daylight needs.

A Healthier Lifestyle

Spring opens up a whole new world of outdoor activities. Not only is spring a good time to consider becoming more active, but your body releases more endorphins which help you feel happier and a great sense of accomplishment and self-confidence. You can even start small — sit outside or go for a walk. By reaffirming the little pleasures you get from enjoying being outside, you further establish your place in nature and your recovery.

Spring is also an excellent opportunity to seize all the new growth and implement more fresh garden vegetables into your daily nutrition. Spring can be a great time to re-tool all aspects of your daily schedule, from nutrition to sleep to self-care. Approaching spring as a clean slate can mentally free you from any reservations you have about yourself and recovery. You can free yourself from these thoughts and start anew. Try to think about activities and goals you might want to accomplish this spring, write them down, and carry them out once spring has sprung.

Recovery is a lifelong journey that takes patience, persistence, and the ability to transform. However, sparking such transformation might be intimidating or seem impossible to find where to begin. By allowing spring to be your time of re-growth and renewal, you can utilize this season as an opportunity to start fresh and start implementing or building upon new practices and habits that help inspire breakthrough and longevity. At START UP RECOVERY, we are all about transformation and renewal. Everybody plateaus at different points in life and their careers, and it is hard to determine the next step when you're on your own. Knowing when to ask for help is the key to getting you back on the path to recovery and success. START UP RECOVERY offers a safe, judge-free environment to do so. With a sunny Southern California location, we inspire change year-round. To begin your journey to lasting recovery and success, reach out to START UP today at 310-773-3809.

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