How Do You Find Inspiration in Everyday Life?
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How Do You Find Inspiration in Everyday Life?

How Do You Find Inspiration in Everyday Life?

Pursuing a new outlook and way of life in both your professional and personal ventures means connecting with inspiration on a significant level. Inspiration is a call from within that allows you to express your true abilities. Inspiration transcends arts; it can present itself in various forms. You might find inspiration from caring for your family, managing your sobriety, or your career. Inspiration is also not defined by what you do but rather by the state of being you experience when doing such activities.

If a lack of motivation and drive is beginning to interfere with your life, then your inspiration might be beckoning. Let's take a look at how you can look to everyday life to help spark inspiration and return to doing things that bring you a deep sense of joy and fulfillment.


Have you recently asked yourself what you are most passionate about? What stirs your imagination and has you thinking about it throughout your day? Often, when you lose motivation, you might tend to focus on the negative things resulting and therefore overlook the thoughts and acts that bring you joy. Since your purpose and passion might change or evolve, it is essential to keep asking yourself questions to stay in touch with your purpose. Your purpose is a crucial component of doing work and other activities that you love.

Identify the thoughts that foster inspiration. Try to weed out the trivial ideas focused on short-term fixes that do not resonate with your deepest self. Letting go of disempowering beliefs of lack and limitation helps free your mind to focus on things that inspire you. Using mindfulness to help you understand your thoughts and their relationship with your emotions enables you to overcome negative thoughts with empowering ones. Take five to ten minutes daily to write out the thoughts that bring joy and motivation so that you can reference and focus on them when challenges arise.

Connecting with your purpose allows you to keep moving forward despite any setbacks in your pursuit — it enables you to understand that when you are working for something, there are no mistakes, just learning lessons.


A purposeful vision connects to your why. Why do you want what you want? What is your underlying motivation in all of your actions? A meaningful vision is the pursuit of that which resonates with your most authentic self. While your vision of purpose might differ from another, that is okay. It is about what drives you. Striving to accomplish another person's dream will only leave you feeling depleted and frustrated.

A vision through the eye of your purpose allows you the opportunity to operate with determination and enthusiasm. When you have a powerful enough "why," success will soon become an extension of your efforts — knowing your "why" is a call to action and an internal reference that leads you toward your purpose.


When your passion and inspiration take hold, you will likely contemplate about it — even in your sleep. Such a response is because you become enthralled in your passion. Soon, you enjoy living in the present moment instead of dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.

While it is good to reflect and prepare, these actions only contribute to the overall picture. Remember, who and what you are is happening in the now. Living in the present also builds patience because you are boundless to the constraints of tomorrow or yesterday. The essence of any successful life and recovery is enjoying and appreciating the journey, and that requires enjoying something in the day-to-day. When you constantly nurture and feed your emotional energy and passions, you create more opportunities to express the things that inspire you.


The concept of flow means that it is an optimal experience. Flow is a way to connect deeply with pursuit or passion. Flow is defined as the inner state one experiences when consumed by passion. For example, if you play music, paint, or give presentations, flow happens when you are engaged in the activity. When you reach a flow state, your inspiration becomes heightened because these states connect with higher brain regions, more often the right hemisphere.

Continued practice and participation can encourage consistent flow states, and this kind of inspiration crosses over into other areas of your life. Inspiration loves getting called upon, so the more room you make for it, the more readily available it is.

When you have reached a place where you can no longer find inspiration, it is time to reach out for help. At START UP RECOVERY, we offer a comfortable and safe space that allows individuals to explore ways to connect with their passions. Our goal is to help you encapsulate a new perspective that fosters incredible ideas, emotions, and levels of consciousness that will permeate throughout your recovery. We do this by connecting you with a network of professionals and peers alike who are motivated to engage and bring out their best selves. With 24/7 admissions and a sunny SoCal location, the is no excuse not to reach out. If you are at a crossroads in your personal and professional recovery, don't wait; get help today. If you want to lead a remarkable life and are committed to taking action despite your fears and doubts, let START UP RECOVERY help you achieve the success you seek. To learn more, call us today at 310-773-3809.

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