Finding Your Inner Strengths
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Finding Your Inner Strengths

Finding Your Inner Strengths

Like the business world, recovery is sometimes inconsistent with often a series of ups and downs. Therefore, challenges become obstacles while opportunities become triumphs. However, the one constant amid it all is you and how you deal with change. If you have not discovered your inner strength, you might feel that you are not prepared to face challenges presented in your recovery and life. However, when you work to cultivate your inner strength, you will endure any challenge.

Sometimes the best success comes when you use your inner strength to lead you confidently through a challenging situation. Let's look at how you can tap into or tune up your inner abilities and get started developing your self-worth and confidence to its fullest potential.


You likely have heard the phrase "know yourself" often, both in response to recovery and in life, but what does it mean to know yourself? Knowing yourself means taking the time to discover your personality, including what your strengths are and what your insecurities are. When you take the time to explore each, you then get a clear idea of how you react in certain situations.

For example, you might find that you feel insecure speaking to others and making career-related connections. Ask yourself, why this is? Do you fear public speaking or meeting new people? Discovering what either motivates you or prevents you from moving forward is a great way to focus on developing ways to manage the areas where you want to grow stronger. It also helps you get to know who you are and help you become more comfortable in your skin.

Mindfulness and meditation help you explore your inner thoughts. You might also keep a journal to track your thoughts that arise from different situations. When you track how you think and feel when you experience specific thoughts, you can draw the idea back to a particular situation or event. You stand to discover that perhaps something has triggered you, or you might find that a specific event has motivated you. Remember, your mind and the situations you face constantly lend you clues into who you are and how you react. Taking time to find these clues can help you further know yourself.


The energy you use throughout your day is also energy taken from your inner strength and motivation. Look at your daily schedule. Do you have a set schedule? Are you doing things inefficiently and redundantly? When you create a routine or a plan, you then decide to control what you can manage to focus your brainpower and efforts on the things you cannot control. You can use a notebook, phone app, or dry erase board to write out and separate your daily tasks into different divisions.

Work to create divisions that separate repetitive tasks and thinking tasks, then create processes and routines for the repetitive tasks, including meal times, sleep schedules, exercise, etc. When you establish times for these consistent routines, you will help your body and brain adapt and expect the routine and, therefore, free up time and energy to focus on other challenges.


Success is hard to come by in recovery and your career when you do not have a strong support network. At START UP RECOVERY, we believe that the company you keep helps determine the choices you make. Our goal is to introduce opportunities for you to meet people who are just as motivated in their recovery and pursuit of success as you are. Being around others that share similar passions has a profound way of inspiring you and holding you accountable moving forward.

The alternative is when you are in the company of people who tempt you to use substances, settle for work you don't like and are overall not as motivated as you are. Having a strong network consisting of friends, family, peers, and professionals will help you become stronger inside. Being protective and selective about the company you keep enables you to keep away the one bad apple that can spoil the bunch. Remember, you choose a life of success the day you decide to get sober, and nobody is allowed to take that away from you.


Your living environment should offer you peace, relaxation, and inspiration. It is your space to come and feel safe to unwind. Your home should make you feel happy. If you live with your spouse and children, it is still essential to find a space to relax and unwind and get in touch with your thoughts. You might consider converting an extra room into an area where you can surround yourself with things you enjoy, such as books, instruments, or inspiring paintings. If you do not have space, then use the room you do have. Transform your bathroom into a tranquil spa, or sweep off the patio or deck, hang some mood lights and add a table where you can go to think, meditate or write. These safe areas help refill your energy, spirit, and focus.

Developing your internal resources takes more than asking, "What is inner strength?" It requires priming yourself to find the strength you are seeking. If you find it too difficult to tap into your inner strength and feel stuck in your recovery and career, it is time to seek help. At START UP RECOVERY, our efforts will connect you with others focused on getting the most from their life and recovery. We help you develop a strong network and set yourself up for success by learning how to create successful routines and habits that build an empowering mindset. When you choose START UP RECOVERY, you will learn how to focus on your strengths and apply them to get to the next step. It is never too late to achieve success and live the life you deserve. To learn more, reach out to us at START UP RECOVERY today by calling 310-773-3809.

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