Can Productivity Obsession Make You Less Productive?
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Can Productivity Obsession Make You Less Productive?

Can Productivity Obsession Make You Less Productive?

Today, being productive has become a standard requirement for value. The idea is that those who can accomplish more in less time are more valuable to themselves, their colleges, their companies, and their families. It has become common to believe that the more productive one is, the more successful they can be, and therefore they try to optimize every aspect of their life.

However, this obsession with productivity might have a negative effect and cause people to become less productive. While productivity is essential for a certain level of functioning, an overemphasis can also affect mental and physical health. Let's look at some of the productivity variables and how individuals can bring more balance so they’re not overworking themselves or limiting their potential.

A Narrowed View

Focusing on productivity can narrow your view. Such focus can be demotivating. When you view everything using the lens of productivity over other priorities, you tend to focus all your attention on the small parts of the task rather than seeing the big picture. Focusing on the small elements of the task, such as organizing spreadsheets or widgets, etc., and you're likely not to become excited about what you are doing. Finding meaning in your work takes an understanding of why you're doing it in the first place.

Focusing too much can also add unwanted pressure, which can hinder your motivation and even the project itself. When something feels too big or like too much, it can start to feel unachievable. When you set the goal to be so unreachable, how do you expect to feel motivated to keep coming back to your goal? Allowing yourself to put less pressure on a goal or project can help to keep your motivation higher.

The Alternative to Obsessing

So you might be thinking that it is good to take the pressure off and focus on the big picture, but what does this mean? Can you unsubscribe to this insatiable appetite for productivity altogether? After all, you have a say in how much work you have to do, and you can't neglect other obligations that you have. However, this should not become misinterpreted as a reason to stop being productive, but perhaps shifting your focus can help bring the best out of you.

What Do You Enjoy?

Not every task you tend to do will have you brimming with excitement, but taking time to focus on what you enjoy and pursuing the task can help boost your mood and enthusiasm in the daily grind. When you find something you enjoy or even love doing, you feel more motivated to tackle the task. In a professional sense, curating your work can also breed motivation and growth.

Instead of taking on work and saying yes to things you're not interested in doing, volunteer for something you enjoy doing. Taking on tasks that add value helps you become more excited to wake up and work in the morning. You might also find that you will have less time for the tasks you don't enjoy, and as a result, these tasks might go to others that are excited about doing them.

Managing Tedious Work

For things that must get done, and are not satisfying you, focus on getting through these tasks sooner rather than later. The sooner you handle what needs to get done, the least likely it is to linger around and hang over your head all day. When you get things you don't want to do or don't enjoy doing out of the way, you give yourself more time and freedom to do the things you enjoy. Remember, you will want to develop the habits and routines for doing so.

Avoid burnout from taking on too much too soon. Take small steps forward. Looking at the big picture and how your personal and professional work contributes to it is the first step. It even helps to set time limits on how much you are going to dedicate to a project. Telling yourself that you will work on something you don't like doing for just ten minutes can help you accomplish various things. You can avoid exhaustion from feeling like you have to finish this task, allow yourself to focus on the task, and encourage yourself to complete the task because you have already invested the time. If this is not the case, take a break and come back to it.

Being productive is necessary, and it is even great to feel motivated; however, when productivity starts to add stress and fatigue to your life, it is time to reassess. Seeking help at START UP RECOVERY can help you find the purpose in your passions and even help you mobilize these passions to create professional avenues. At START UP, our metric does not measure an individual based on how much they can accomplish but by the value of what they accomplish personally and professionally. We provide a safe and comfortable setting to help you connect with others to form a support network established on trust, accountability, and motivation. Our approach includes helping you balance your day and time to get the most from your life and recovery without feeling burnout. If you are at a point where you are obsessing about your productivity and, as a result, becoming less productive, then the time to reach out for help is now. With 24/7 admissions, there is never a wrong time to reach out. Call START UP RECOVERY today at 310-773-3809.

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