Am I Too Old to Go Back to School?
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Am I Too Old to Go Back to School?

Am I Too Old to Go Back to School?

Recovery is all about offering a fresh perspective and enthusiasm for your life. With this new perspective will come the motivation to pursue goals that you never got a chance to or never thought possible. Among these goals might be the desire to go back to school; however, you may fear that this door might have already closed. Many people assume that skill development is age-sensitive and only applies to younger adults just beginning their career or looking for a promotion. However, this is not the case. It is always a great idea to nurture your skills relevant to your career or life because they help keep your mind active and sharp.

Being an older student has many advantages over your younger counterparts. For one, you will be studying under a different set of circumstances and experiences. If you are looking for the opportunity to grow within your career field, then another advantage is that you will focus on that area and be more efficient in your studies. Let's further explore the benefits of going back to school and why you are never too old to reach your greatest potential and beyond.


It is not uncommon that, at some point, many people will find themselves out of work for an undetermined period. There are various reasons why one might leave work, such as looking after a sick loved one, caring for a family, or being laid off. Amid a pandemic and after a year of uncertainty, these unique circumstances could have you and many others currently out of work and feeling like you need to start over. At some point, you will likely realize how crucial having job security is.

Getting an education can help you attain and maintain a secure, well-paying job. Even if you are currently employed, you will find that completing a secondary education helps make your position more secure. Employers still place much value on a college education.


College graduates tend to make more and are qualified for higher-ranking positions; this is why going back to college at a later age makes sense for many. A degree can allow you to move up the career ladder to a better company position that can and likely will pay more. Getting a degree also grows your network within and outside the company, which allows for more leverage for finding advanced positions at another company.

While nobody could have planned for the recent pandemic, nor can you see the future, you allow yourself a greater chance of enduring hard, unexpected and unique circumstances when you provide for yourself more tools. Just as in your recovery, the more tools you have within and around your career field, the more options you have to manage and overcome unforeseen obstacles.


A significant component of success in recovery and life is about finding opportunities to reinvent yourself. As your recovery has likely taught you, pursuing change is a great decision. Remember, you are not alone or unique for wanting to reinvent yourself after losing years to addiction. It is not unusual for any working adult to decide they would like to make a career change. Naturally, people's goals and interests change as they mature and grow, and you are no different for seeking change and opportunity.

Whatever your professional or personal reasons are, getting a degree allows you that very opportunity to reinvent yourself and add newfound energy into your pursuit for success. The skills learned and a college degree will enable you to try something different and forge a new path. Reinvention can be quite empowering and provides a confidence boost as well.


You don't necessarily have to have college experience and might find yourself going to college for the first time. Perhaps you weren't interested in going to college out of high school or pursued another option. It is not unusual to decide that a college degree is something you want. Not only can a degree open many doors for you, but it could also be a chance to experience the courage to study and fulfill a missing piece of yourself. Therefore, the act of earning a degree can offer you a great sense of empowerment, confidence, and motivation.


Among the best reasons to go back to school is that adults have more flexible options than ever. If you need to account for family and work, going back to school might prove challenging in finding the time to attend. Luckily, there are options available. Likewise, if you are worried about being around triggering environments where substances are available, there are options for this, too.

Much of today's student population are adults older than 25 who have full-time jobs and families. Therefore, schools provide many resources to help older students succeed. They also offer CRC programs for students in recovery. You can also take online courses that can fit your schedule. Some campuses even provide day-care and later bookstore hours to help accommodate your needs.

If you are considering pursuing a degree, focus on the possibilities rather than the reasons not to. Your age is irrelevant when it comes to your potential, growth, and success. Therefore it is never too late to go back to school. At START UP RECOVERY, we aim to motivate you to realize the potential that your recovery has offered you. Whether you are just beginning your recovery journey or continuing it, we help you find the best possibilities and potentials in doing so. We also help you develop a network and effective strategies when embarking on a new career venture or rehabilitating a career venture. We believe that achieving success requires motivation, focus, and learning, which includes pursuing an education. If you are at a crossroads and need encouragement, the time to get help is now. To learn more about recovery and success, reach out to us today by calling 310-773-3809.

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