Craving control trainingCraving control training

Craving control training

Craving control training teaches you practical skills to keep your cravings in check.

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RECOVERY is a lifelong pursuit. You don't have to do it alone.

Founded in 2017 in the heart of the West Los Angeles recovery community we are committed to providing the gold standard in addiction and mental health transitional living and extended care solutions. By approaching each client as a unique start up or turnaround we deliver customized and proprietary recovery solutions that helps our clients launch powerfully into their new life. We are honored and proud to have been a part of so many success stories and take pride in providing our clients with a safe, loving and potent recovery environment.

With two luxury 7-bedroom recovery residences and a state-of-the-art fully furnished 15-unit independent living apartment community we offer a continuum of care model for our clients to recover, shift their addiction to their passions and push the reset button on their life

Raw, authentic, and completely transparent guidance is what the resident receives from us. All we want in return... Trust.

— Gregg Champion / Founder of START UP RECOVERY
Delivering leading-edge recovery and life resources in safe and structured luxury environments.



Transitional Living and Extended Care Solutions

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We are grateful for our amazing crew.  They are committed to making a meaningful difference in our client’s lives and the world a better place. Each and every one of them are compassionate professionals that are: loving, great listeners, and go-givers.

What Others Say About

I now have an internship at TBWA/Chiat/Day as an Account Management Intern. I’m pretty sure I would not have been given this opportunity if it was not for my internship at Champion Media. I always refer back to what I learned at Champion all the time whether I am in class or at Chiat.


Salina S.

At that time, I was relatively new in my recovery and had a lot of uncertainty in my life. From the first time we spoke, Gregg put things in perspective for me quickly with a “personal playbook” designed for me and my life.

By taking small steps each day, and communicating with him each morning with specific tasks for that day, I began seeing my life unfold. Based on a one day at a time, sometimes “one hour at a time,” approach, 6 months later I can earnestly say that each of my goals, short-term and long-term, are being fulfilled in a way that is beyond the expectations and I hopes I could have imagined for myself.

I continue to work with Gregg and I look forward to seeing each of these tracks and my life continue to develop. Gregg has a true gift and START UP RECOVERY is a must for anyone that has the desire to live their dreams while recovering.


Evan H.

Gregg Champion was one of the first mentors that gladly supported and helped me with the inception of my manufacturing venture over two years ago—and he continues to humbly mentor me to this day. A large part of my company’s success is attributed to Gregg, who was a catalyst in the learning process of entrepreneurship with the many lessons he shared with me from decades of his own experience and success. The resources and contacts Gregg avails to his mentees are unparalleled and offer a great advantage to any venture. Aside from being a mentor, Gregg is a great friend with an infectious optimistic outlook on life.


Iñaki L.

“You are meant to be a publicist and that is your calling.” Like so many addicts early on, my mind was full of lots of ridiculous ideas, go back to school, become a nurse, be a therapist, etc. Gregg coached me otherwise. I am so glad that I listened to Gregg. I not only came back and realized that this is DEFINITELY my calling, since returning, I have been promoted to a new job title, gotten a raise, I hold the corner office and I have been working here for a over year. Thank you Gregg for helping me to not doubt myself and push me to walk outside of my comfort zone.


Melanie K.

Now entering his third month, my son is thriving. START UP is about the connection my son has with the team. He was lucky enough to develop several mentor relationships. So today, START UP RECOVERY is the only transitional living that I would personally recommend.


Doug W.

I reached out to START UP RECOVERY for help. Jeff and Gregg clearly explained to me and my family that I needed a BIG BOY TIME OUT, and needed a longer RUNWAY of recovery before returning home. Gregg set me up with a life changing IOP (whom I still work with today) and personally coached me every week. Gregg was available for me. It’s just that simple. I have been a business professional for over 20 years and want to say, ‘These guys have something special!” Shifting Addiction to Passion. Well that’s their tag line. All I can say for myself, is that it is coming true for me ONE DAY AT A TIME!”


Brian F.

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