Embark on the Journey to Lasting Recovery and Profound Wellness

Since 2017 in the heart of West Los Angeles our relentless dedication shines through our proprietary recovery and wellness program, seamlessly weaving Eastern sophistication, clinical excellence, and cutting-edge biohacking technology.

Each of our client's recovery journey is a rare chance for profound change. Our approach transcends the ordinary, it's a tailored expedition that marries personalized recovery solutions with curated wellness experiences.

Guided by our empathetic team, you'll not only conquer addiction, but also rekindle passions and rediscover your true essence - so you can step confidently into a future enriched with renewed purpose.



Eastern medicine
Gold standard clinical care
Cutting edge biohacking technology
Personalized treatment plans
Bespoke wellness paths
Client-centered care
Private chef and nutritionist
Comprehensive fitness and wellness
Massage and aquatic relaxation

Start up recovery
& wellness Difference

What makes us unique?
START UP RECOVERY & WELLNESS stands apart as a world-class center by embracing individuality and innovation.
Unlike the standard 'one-size-fits-all' approach, we cater only to a discerning clientele of executives, professionals, and mature individuals who are committed to transformative change.
Admission is based on assessment only.
With an unwavering dedication to customization, we seamlessly integrate Eastern Medicine, Western practices, Life Enrichment and cutting-edge Biohacking Technology into every client's treatment program.
Gold standard
Holistic Approach
Elevated Experience
Individualized Care
Wellness Innovation
Mindful Transformation

A note from our founders

“Our goal is to provide a safe, luxurious and truly transformational environment and experience where people can connect, thrive, evolve and heal.”
Gregg Champion

“Being involved in the process of helping our clients discover or rediscover what brings them joy and ignite or reignite their passions is so satisfying.”
Jeffrey Vann

“Volunteering and being of service is so important to me personally, and as an owner of START UP RECOVERY and START UP WELLNESS, I am proud that our company's core philosophy and culture is to not only make a difference in our clients and families' lives but also in the greater community.”
Patricia Meyers


My time at STARTUP was an absolute blessing. I spent 3 months in their beautiful sober living houses, and 15 months in their sober apartments. During this time, I was surrounded by an incredible staff who shared their experience, strength, and hope with me - to help me navigate whatever I was going through. I found trust, confidentiality, and loving boundaries within the staff at the houses, and apartments. The partners of STARTUP were hands on. All three actively participate in their own recovery, which inspired me to be active in my own. They introduced my peers and I to affluent and influential sober people who work hard each day to put their recovery first, which showed me that no matter what I may attain or experience, I must put my recovery first. STARTUP to me is my foundation, my launching pad if you will. Each member of the team helped me create a network and set of tools to go out and achieve my dreams, while being a deeply rooted member of the sober community. STARTUP is a strong 12 Step based program, whose intentions are purely to set up each client for long term sobriety. I would recommend my closest friends, and family to go to STARTUP. I truly would not be the person I am today, without having spent quality time in their care.
My experience at START UP RECOVERY has been instrumental in my sobriety and recovery. The facilities (houses) are beautiful and offer all the amenities you could ask for in a comfortable stay. The personal chef and food offerings are 5 star and offer a healthy and delicious diet. The structure to their program is highly beneficial to a great foundation for recovery including AA program, internal meetings, during stay care plan and wellness. The community environment they create is unmatched to anything I have seen before and extremely advantageous to building a foundation for recovery through community connection. I can’t say enough about what STARTUP has to offer.
Ryan S.
The START UP RECOVERY program took a full and caring approach to my recovery. Beginning with consultations with family and friends and myself to arranging my rehabilitation and sober living arrangements that allowed me to pursue a customized approach to my in patient recovery program while maintaining my profession and balancing certain family responsibilities. It was comprehensive with excellent resources and care while allowing me to stay engaged with my work and financial well being. Even after I left the sober living home at STARTUP, the team at STARTUP stayed active with me in a balanced but effective manner through meetings and calls to help ensure I had a proper plan in place to sustain my recovery. And, the STARTUP team remains a resource after many years of ongoing sobriety.
Never in my life have I ever felt more support, love, and genuine concern for my overall well-being and health then at START UP RECOVERY. From the moment I made the call I knew I had people that believed in me, Even at a time when I didn’t believe in myself. Patricia, Gregg and Jeffrey have created an environment that no amount of describing can even come close to getting my point across. This is the place for true healing. The entire time I stayed with them (6months) I was motivated to live a better life. One that I didn’t know was possible. Today I have 3.5 years sober and there is no question that it’s only possible because of the tools and support I had at START UP RECOVERY. Some places may seem like a prison and punish us for our pain or our past mistakes. START UP RECOERY is a sanctuary. A place that gave me hope, love, and a direction for my life goals.
START UP RECOVERY was a very safe and compassion place to land after attending Trauma Treatment for Depresaion and PTSD. The best features of the program were the cohesiveness of the community, the amazing support and presence of Patricia Meyers and the many learning opportunities- coaching, 12 step, wellness, and coaching, etc. I would highly recommend START UP …. It was an influential part of my recovery journey and the journey of many others in attendance.
Kelly H.

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