How Can I Embrace My New Clean Life?
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How Can I Embrace My New Clean Life?

How Can I Embrace My New Clean Life?

In order to learn to maintain your sobriety, you must have a full understanding of the reasons you became addicted in the first place. The tactics you employ to stay clean will be useless if you do not know what your triggers are. Recovery isn’t a short sprint that you can simply grit your teeth and bear. It’s a long river, with strong currents and slippery rocks. When you learn the movements of the water, you will be prepared to navigate the river.

An effective recovery will mean learning about yourself and being able to adjust. Staying clean will be a lifelong battle, which is why a strong routine is imperative. Staying active, keeping connected with loved ones, and maintaining positive social relationships are all essential to a comprehensive recovery. Every journey of healing will have its own unique challenges, making preparation your key to long-term success.

Maintain Your Physical Health

In treating alcoholism or any form of substance abuse, you’ll often hear about the daunting effects addiction can have on your mental health. Remember that your physical health is just as important. When working on staying clean, try to be intentional with your eating habits so you can strengthen your body and foster discipline in what you consume. There’s a strong chance that before you were sober, you weren't eating lots of kale or blackberries. There’s a chance you weren't consistently eating at all.

For many, a simple and effective way to stay clean is to simply do the opposite of whatever you used to do when you were using. This means eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep, and being physically active. Getting exercise doesn't mean you have to become an Olympic gold medalist or bodybuilder. Activities like hiking, yoga, swimming, and dancing are great for people who want to improve their bodily wellbeing. Your physical health is an important part of what will keep you up and running.

Declutter Your Space

It’s important to make sure that your personal space is aiding your efforts towards maintaining a clean lifestyle. Start by organizing your kitchen. Having a clean, well-stocked kitchen will further encourage you to develop healthy eating habits. You can conveniently stage all of your nutritious options so they are more accessible in the morning. Then you can make your way into the living room and add an element of brightness. Open up your blinds and let some light in. Your living room should be as comfortable as possible, so you can come home and decompress in a comfortable area. When it comes to cleanliness and comfort, the most important room in the house is where you sleep. Your bedroom should be your haven, a place of relaxation. Coming home to dirty dishes, clothes on the floor, and a dingy smell just isn't motivating. How can you expect to keep clean when your environment isn't?

Your living space should serve to relax you after a long day of work. There may be things in your home that don’t support your sober life, so it may be time to get rid of them. Your home should be filled with things that give you vitality. Depending on who you are, that could mean adding a new dimension to your living situation. Plants and pets can enhance your peace and tranquility at home. Plant life in your home will also provide fresher air and can elevate your mood.

Be Grateful

It can be easy to get wrapped up in the things that bring us stress or worry. If you don't intentionally set aside time to be grateful for what you have, there's a greater chance you will lose sight of what matters to you. It’s possible that before you chose to live a sober life, you were not focusing on the most important positive aspects of your life.

Remember that you are a survivor. Not everybody will get to make it to a point where they can decide to be sober. You may have made mistakes in the past, but you are still here, working to get better every day. Practice developing mindfulness and appreciation for life. This will help you usher in a brand new way of thinking. Let the people in your support system know that you love and appreciate them. Go outside and breathe in the fresh air. Though all of these things can seem trite on paper, when put into practice they have the power to be life-changing.

Recovery is a marathon, not a sprint, and you’ll set yourself up for success by making sure you prepare your mind, body, and environment for the changes you’re going to implement. Keeping sober means working to reform your life in many areas. From your diet to your home to your daily schedule, approaching your decisions with the intention of meeting your sobriety goals is an effective way to see success. Don’t shy away from modifying your habits or even the way you relate to yourself. While recovery may be a personal process, you don’t have to go it alone. START UP RECOVERY offers a state-of-the-art sober living environment for people who want to press the reset button on life. If you want to achieve a fresh start and rebuild your life from the ground up by your own design, START UP RECOVERY can help you surpass your goals. Call us at 310-773-3809 to learn more.

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